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Wanna connect your Samsung smartphone to your PC, having ample authorization for all kinds of processes? Download the latest Samsung USB Driver from the below link and connect your Smartphone with a PC like a PRO!


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Download the exclusive Samsung Drivers, which are developed for all techie enthusiasts and offered free of charge on the above download links.


Stop using those unsafe third-party drivers to connect your Samsung Smartphone with your PC, and download these officially launched Samsung USB Drivers.


100% secure Samsung Drivers and install them on your PC ASAP, without thinking a little bit about the security concerns.


Why download different Samsung USB Driver versions for all your different Windows updates? Download one Driver for every tale, including Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10/10 Pro!


Samsung USB Drivers listed above support all the Samsung Android smartphones manufactured until today and support the upcoming futuristic models.


Being futuristic, We’ve got the most recent version of USB Drivers developed by the official Samsung. You can download them above, and also visit our website to download further updates.

What is a USB Driver?

If you want to know about the USB Driver, you’re first required to go through the procedure of connecting every smart device to your PC. Suppose that you’re connecting a Samsung smartphone and a mouse simultaneously with your PC and desiring to transfer data from the Smartphone and use the mouse as a pointing device.

In this scenario, your PC needs to recognize the difference between these devices since both are connected with a similar kind of USB Cable but work differently. 

In simple words, if you’re connecting your Samsung smartphone with your PC to transfer the data, first, your PC needs to recognize your Samsung device as a storage apparatus.

So here, the PCs and Laptops employ USB Drivers to identify all the different devices getting connected within it! These USB Drivers are the small-sized application stuff that you can simply install on your PC and start securing your device with a PC like a Pro.

samsung usb drivers

What is the use of Samsung USB Drivers?

As we discussed the meaning of USB Drivers in the last section, Samsung USB Drivers are simply USB Drivers used to connect Samsung Android smartphones with PC. Reckon once that you have a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, like any of the supposed Samsung Galaxy A51. Now, you need to unlock its Bootloader or gain root access on your A51.

Transferring data was simple, as the Samsung Kies system helped you do that without the USB Driver’s help, but unlocking the Bootloader is entirely different stuff. So here, you’re required to download Samsung USB Driver 2023 from the above link and install it on your PC. Only After that, Your PC will become able to recognize your Samsung Galaxy phone as a USB Debugging client.

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Now, you can use this Samsung USB Driver to perform various actions with your Samsung Smartphones, and there are many frequent processes that most importantly need the installed USB Drivers, like all the below procedures –  

So if you want to perform any of the above-listed processes, you’re first required to install the USB Driver on your Samsung Smartphone.  


File NameSamsung USB Drivers
File Size35 MB
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Download Samsung USB driver for specific phones

How to Install Samsung USB Driver on Windows

Everyone who’s thinking about the Samsung USB Drivers as the most complex ones to install on the Windows-based PC, you’re wrong! In my opinion, there is nothing as simple as installing the drivers on a PC.

Just follow the procedure we’ve listed below and install the drivers conveniently – 

  1. First of all, Download the latest official Samsung USB Drivers from the above download link.
  2. Remember, You’re downloading the zipped file, so you have to unzip this Samsung USB Driver on a specific folder using any unzipper like WinRar.
  3. After unzipping them, You need to open the folder where you’ve extracted the Driver.
  4. Afterward, locate the executable file for the Samsung Driver, named Samsung_USB_Driver_v1.7.59.exe. 
  5. Now Right-Click this Executable file and choose the Run it as administrator tab on the list.
  6. Click Yes on the prompt to allow User Account Control on Driver.
  7. In the next moment, You’ll notice an MS InstallWizard window initializing on the screen. Click the Next Button.
    samsung usb driver installation s1
  8. Select your region and favored language from the list and click the Next tab again.
    samsung usb driver installation s2
  9. Pick a location to install this Driver or let it work as default. Click the Next tab.
    samsung usb driver installation s3
  10. Now, You’ll get redirected to the final tab, where you’re required to click the Install button to install the Samsung USB Driver on your PC.
    samsung usb driver installation s4
  11. Wait for the completion of installation and click the Finish tab on the last page.
    samsung usb driver installation s5

Finally, you’ve completed installing the Samsung USB Drivers, and now, You’re ready to perform any of the above tasks with 100% fluency. You’ll love tweaking smoothly after completely installing these drivers from the above steps. Enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Samsung USB Drivers for Samsung Galaxy Phones?

Samsung USB Drivers are simply the vital USB Drivers for your PC if you’re thinking of making any data transfer or distinct process on your Samsung Smartphone. These Drivers are officially designed and developed by the Samsung developers, and you can download the latest version of these drivers through the above link. Enjoy making a 100% error-free connection between your PC and Samsung Smartphone!

How do I fix my Samsung USB device not recognized?

If You’re observing this error, saying Samsung USB device not recognized on your PC while connecting your Smartphone with PC, then you only need a convenient fix to apply. The only possible obstacle can be the lack of an official Samsung USB Driver or the requirement of the latest Samsung USB Driver updates on your PC. So click on the link and download the free Samsung USB Drivers compatible with every Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

Where can I download Samsung USB Drivers for Odin?

Samsung has developed just a single USB Driver, named the official Samsung USB Driver today, which is applicable to complete all the processes you need to make with your Smartphone while connected with your PC. You can download Samsung USB Drivers through the above download links and simply flash your Samsung Smartphone using Odin Tool.

Is Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones free?

Absolutely Yes! Samsung USB Driver is 100% free for all Samsung Smartphones. Recently, They launched the official USB Driver compatible with all the Samsung Galaxy smartphones. You can use these drivers to perform all your vital tasks, requiring a working Samsung USB Driver. Just download it from the above link and start tweaking like a Pro!

Are Samsung USB drivers safe?

That’s a legit question since thousands of masked websites offer third-party USB Drivers and mark them compatible with all the smartphone manufacturer brands. But We’re providing you with Samsung’s official USB Drivers developed and designed by the official developers. Mark my words, You won’t get into any trouble after installing it!

How often is the Samsung USB Driver updated?

The above-linked Samsung USB Drivers are the most recent updates from the official Samsung, and they didn’t schedule any of their updates. These updates are only developed to optimize the performance of various tasks and get rid of laggy bugs. Moreover, We update our database every day, and you’ll get all the latest updates on Samsung USB Drivers here before any other website!

Do I need old versions of Samsung USB drivers?

Absolutely Not! The old versions of Samsung USB Drivers aren’t supposed to help you anyway since nowadays, so many latest smartphone models are getting launched with futuristic features. You can uninstall them back and download the latest Samsung USB Drivers from the above link. These drivers are compatible with all the latest Samsung Smartphones, like Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, and Samsung Galaxy M42 5G.

How do I install Samsung USB Driver for Samsung Galaxy Phones?

No matter whether You’re using any Samsung Smartphone model, All You need here is to download the latest Samsung USB Drivers from the above web link. Afterward, You can install them simplistically as all other PC executable apps. Moreover, You can also go through the installation process of the Samsung USB Drivers we’ve listed in the above sections or enter the Install section of the webpage linked above.

Does Samsung USB Driver work with both mobile and desktop devices?

Fundamentally, The Samsung USB Drivers work to connect your Samsung Smartphone and your Desktop, like a PC or Laptop, with an error-free connection. Moreover, You’ll need to install this Driver app only on your PC using the above installation process. Afterward, you simply connect your Smartphone with a working USB Cable to perform any of your desired procedures.

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