Fix Samsung Phone Not Connecting To PC

We all have enjoyed the benefits and mourned the flaws of immersive technologies. But do you know that most of the time, the problem is within the process, not the technology, which you can’t express directly as a flaw? Similarly, we’ve got tremendous comments of guys having difficulty with the Samsung phone not connecting to PC.

Maybe it sounds like a drawback to you, but we’ve got some simplistic troubleshoots that’d make it damn convenient for you to overcome that connection problem. 

All you need is to enjoy the entire below article, based on the measures required to take while having a problem connecting Samsung phone to PC.

Consequently, if you would go below, we’ve listed 4-5 troubleshooting measures that’d end in mostly seconds, without a single annoyance. Time to get rid of this connection error for epoch!

Troubleshoot To Fix Samsung Phone Not Connecting To PC

Is your Samsung phone not connecting to PC and showing errors every time? If that’s the case, below are all the solution measure lists you can follow to get the absolute resolution of this connection error – 

Check your phone’s USB cable

Starting from the most probable error generator circumstance that we’ve found in more than 50% of time Samsung Phone not connecting to PCUSB Cable.

It’s true that mostly we find some complex error generators, while the problem is simple, and consequently, the first criterion here is with your phone’s USB Cable.

For dealing with this case, you can follow the below checks and try connecting to PC again – 

  • Firstly, check if there is any damage to the USB cable you’re using. If you see any break on that USB cable, changing it would surely help.
  • There are generally three types of USB cable set by manufacturers, USB Data Cable, USB charging cable, Charging + Data cable. So if you’re using a charging cable and getting this error, you need to go for a data cable.
  • Check your Computer’s cable connecting compatibility. Most of the PCs work with USB 3.1 gen, or in other words, need a fast or mighty cable. 

Is your Samsung Android Smartphone already connected with the PC

It mostly happens that connecting a device to a PC won’t show you any related prompt because too many busy processes run every second on a PC.

Likewise, there is a huge possibility that your phone got connected to the PC, and you haven’t got that prompt, so consider it as an error.

Not a big deal; just have a check once using the below steps that the phone is connected or not – 

  1. First of all, Right-Click the Windows icon on the below taskbar.
  2. Now, hit the File Explorer tab, that’ll soon open your Files. 
  3. Explore on the left column of the window, and tap the dropdown of This PC or My Computer.
  4. Now, you’ll find your device name listed on the dropdown menu if connected. 

Go on now with access to all the files available on your Smartphone, or if you’re still unable to see your device, let’s get to the next measure – 

Check for any hardware problems in your Samsung Android Smartphone

Apart from all other possibilities, there is one more slightly probable case, where your Samsung Smartphone can have some hardware problems.

Yeah, there may be some issues with your Smartphone’s USB port, which you can check with using the below some efforts – 

  1. Firstly, if you’re using an adapter or USB hub to connect your Smartphone’s USB cable to your Computer, try resisting it.
  2. Once you have connect your phone directly with the Computer using the same cable. Also, try plugging the cable into different USB ports available on your PC.
  3. The next measure you can take is to keep your phone unlocked while connecting with the PC. It’s because you need to get towards some USB modes, which won’t prompt you if your phone is locked. 
  4. The last measure to check the hardware problems is noticing the cues on your phone. Suppose, if your phone isn’t vibrating while getting connected with your PC or not showing the charging symbol, we would suggest you go for repairing the USB port of your phone. 

Check and customize the USB mode on your Samsung device

As we told you above, you’re required to keep your phone unlocked while connecting it with your PC to customize the USB mode.

Now, if you forgot that, or you need to change the USB mode again for operating the Camera files on the PC, not all files, you can change the USB mode using the below steps –

  1. Open the notification panel, or slide down from the top of the screen in simple words.
  2. Now, if you’ve successfully connected your phone with a PC, you would find a prompt there stating Connected as a charger or the File Transfer. 
  3. Hit that notification prompt, and afterward, you can choose any of the required USB modes from Charging, Camera, and MTP File Transfer as per the need of the circumstance. 

Download and Install the Samsung Smart Switch app

There is an 80% possibility that your problem with connecting your Smartphone with a PC is solved yet, but still, if the case is amongst the 20% of situations, you can follow this step –

Installing the Samsung Smart Switch app. This step will update all the Samsung and most of the other media drivers on your PC and help you connect your phone more speedily. Time to go for the steps – 

  1. Firstly, Click here and download the latest version of the Samsung Smart Switch to your device.
  2. Now, get to your PC, and Right-Click the Windows icon (On the bottom left corner for Windows 7,10,10 Pro, and on the middle section of the taskbar for Windows 11.)
  3. Now, tap the Device Manager tab on the Windows icon right-click menu.
  4. The above step will open a list of all the devices you’ve connected yet to your PC and installed the drivers. 
  5. Now, tap the Universal Serial Bus Controllers dropdown menu.
  6. Finally, you’ll notice your Samsung USB driver in the list named something like Samsung Mobile USB Composite Device.
  7. Right-Click the Samsung USB driver and click on the Update driver tab.
  8. Now follow all the simplistic directions and update the Samsung USB drivers ASAP.

Finally, try connecting your Samsung Smartphone with the PC once again, and this time you probably won’t see the exact failure. Or if the situation is still not good, go for the last and final measure listed below – 

Reboot PC and reinstall Device Drivers if updating won’t work

The last and final measure here we’ve is employing the PC rebooting and driver reinstalling process.

Mark one thing: You would only have to go for this measure if the above one doesn’t work for you.

If you’re unable to update the drivers using the above method, or if that updating doesn’t work for you, you can try reinstalling the drivers by following all the below steps – 

  1. Right-click the Windows icon on the below taskbar once again, and open the Device Manager by tapping it.
  2. Find your device driver below the Universal Serial Bus Controllers, and Right-click it.
  3. Click the Uninstall tab, and soon the driver will get uninstalled.
  4. Now, Restart your PC, and you’ll get a prompt on that reboot for the driver installation from scratch. Make it!

That’s all for the connectivity issue you observed with your Samsung Phone not connecting to PC. After following all the above measures one by one, you must have solved the problem on any one of them.

If still not, please comment below with the entire problem summary and the error name or code if you’re finding any. Have a nice journey!

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