How to Install Samsung USB Drivers on Windows PC

In this blog post, we will be discussing how to install Samsung USB drivers for mobile phones. Installing the proper drivers is a necessary step in order to successfully connect your phone with your computer. The process of installing these drivers can be somewhat tedious and time-consuming, but it’s important to take the time to do so if you want your phone to work properly!

This post will also provide some tips on what you need before getting started with the installation process. If you’re ready to get started, read on below!

install samsung usb driver

Samsung Smartphones are the most modest devices in my point of view, since it’s damn convenient to perform any process with these smartphones. The only thing that confused most of the Samsung Smartphone techies was making an error-free connection between your Samsung Smartphone and the PC.

But no more struggle, since below we’ve listed the most effortless process to install USB Drivers on any of your Windows version. Just go through this elementary process and install the drivers instantly on your PC!

Video Tutorial:

Installation Guide:

  1. Firstly, You have to download the zipped file of the latest Samsung USB Drivers.
  2. Now, You have to unzip these Samsung USB Drivers on a particular folder using the unzipper tool like WinRar. We would recommend you to unzip it on a New Folder on Desktop.
  3. Afterward, You have to open that particular folder where you’ve extracted the Driver.
  4. Now, find the Samsung Driver executable file, named Samsung_USB_Driver_v1.7.43.0.exe. 
  5. Just Right-Click this Executable file and choose Run it as administrator tab from the Right Click menu.
  6. Click Yes tab on the next prompt and allow the User Account Control.
  7. Thereafter, You’ll observe a MS InstallWizard window starting on the screen.
    samsung usb driver installation s1
  8. Click the Next Button positioned on the bottom-right corner.
    samsung usb driver installation s2
  9. Select the country you’re living in right now, and preferred language from the list.
    samsung usb driver installation s3
  10. Again, Click the Next tab.
  11. Choose your desired location to install this Driver or install it on the default folder.
  12. Click the Next tab again.
  13. Ultimately, You have to click on the Install button you’re observing right now on the bottom-right corner.
    samsung usb driver installation s4
  14. Wait for the completion of installation and click the Finish tab on the last page.
    samsung usb driver installation s5

We hope this article has been helpful with the instructions on how to install Samsung USB drivers for mobile phones. If you have any additional questions or need help installing your driver, please feel free to comment down below. You can also email us anytime and we’ll be happy to help you!